Elastic Plastic Crew Virtual Dance Party In Singapore

Learn Some Silly Dance Moves To Some Serious Dance Music

2020 Oct 09 - 2020 Oct 10

Life’s too short to be serious all the time. Let loose in a fun session at our first-ever virtual dance party hosted by the one and only Elastic Plastic Crew, world-famous right here in Singapore. You can learn some silly dance moves to some serious dance music made locally and played by the Elastic Plastic Crew DJ! Stretch your body and mind with us in this genre-bending session Comprised of a trio with more accolades than this bio can accommodate, multidisciplinary artists Kiat, Rizman Putra and Tia Guttensohn make up the Elastic Plastic Crew. Their collective work spans across various mediums. From teaching movement and drama to children, producing electronic music, visual art, and improvisational comedy.

Register HERE for the live Zoom session!

Note: You will need to turn on your video and audio for this zoom session on Oct 9, 2:30pm and Oct 10, 11:30am. Do note that this session will be recorded and published on YouTube and Esplanade PIP’s Club Facebook for online viewing from Oct 12-18, 2020.

What Else:​

Let loose in a fun session at the first-ever virtual dance party hosted by the one and only Elastic Plastic Crew!

Where To Find It:​

Additional Info:​

October 9 and 10, 2020.

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