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Free Webinar On OWIS Singapore’s International Curriculum

Find Out How A Carefully Selected School Curriculum Can Allow Your Child To Flourish In All Aspects

2021 Jul 02

OWIS Free webinar on July 2, 2021

OWIS is one of the fastest-growing international schools in Singapore. Their robust inquiry-based curricula allow students to develop into inquisitive, creative and resilient learners. The school has adopted the IB PYP, Modified Cambridge, IGCSE and IB-DP curricula to form the pillars of a strong academic foundation for each and every child.

Register for a Free Webinar today and learn more about their internationally recognized curriculum.

In the free 60-minute webinar session, parents will learn:

  • How carefully selected international school curricula enables learners to flourish academically and develop cognitive, social and emotional skills.
  • How IB PYP, IGCSE and IB DP complement each other in the transition from primary to secondary school
  • How children can benefit from a holistic approach to education with a focus on global citizenship and international-mindedness

If you want to learn more, visit OWIS and get in touch with the helpful admissions team, or register for the free webinar.

When: Friday, July 2, 2021, 4-5pm

Why Little Steps Loves It:​

OWIS provides an inquiry-based, engaging and holistic approach to education.

Who It's Perfect For:

For kids aged 3-6 (Early Childhood), 6-11 (primary), 12-19 (secondary).

What Else:​

Did you know OWIS has multiple scholarships available for students, which range from 10% to 80% of the annual school tuition fees? In addition, there are also limited 100% scholarships for IGCSE & IB DP for Aug 2021 intake!

Where To Find It:​

Additional Info:​


Guide to OWIS specialized childhood program in Singapore.

Learning phonics at OWIS Singapore.

Interview with Luna Deller of OWIS Singapore.

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