Since its launch in 2016, Farmer's Market has quickly grown into Hong Kong's leading online butcher. We credit this to their authenticity. Like the butchers in days of old, Farmer's Market specializes in premium, fresh, traceable, 100% hormone- and antibiotic-free, naturally farmed, happily grass-fed meat. Traceability, customer service, and sustainability are emphasized above all in their approach—all products are sourced from perfectly like-minded Australian farms (one permanent source for each product) the owner visits herself to provide their customers with restaurant quality, ethically reared meat. The offer includes Australian beef, lamb, pork, New Zealand Salmon, French chicken, handmade sausages, weekly specials, and more! Oh, and fresh products are fresh, and frozen products are frozen when they get to your kitchen.

Knowing where your meat comes from:

Farmer's Market wishes to make families more aware that what they eat matters. Emphasizing its importance of knowing your source and is just as important to know where your meat & seafood comes from and how it was raised. Claiming that it is from "Australia" is, unfortunately, not enough these days, and therefore you should know exactly where your produce is from. This ensures your children to live a happier and healthier life, by making sure that you know that the meat or seafood is not force-fed, fed antibiotics or hormones to speed up the growth process, etc. Farmer's market guarantees and deeply cares about the safety of their products and they happily share their sources and the details about their products. They are 100 percent transparent in order to earn the respect and trust of their clients.

About the company & owner:

Emma Pike has been a mom for 13 years, an entrepreneur since the age of 15 and a Hongkonger originally from Sydney since 2006. When she noted the diminishing quality of meat and its increasing prices in Hong Kong, all these aspects collided and ultimately produced a sustainable idea. In what would turn out to be a very successful attempt to provide households with opportunities to get restaurant-quality meat for an affordable price, she launched Farmer's Market in Hong Kong in 2016. Spreading the reach to Singapore, which is also her family's new home, is just one more giant step towards her ultimate goal of becoming the leading trusted online butcher in Asia.