In this day and age, eczema is such a common occurrence in babies and kids and environmental stresses have played a huge role in accelerating it. According to the Singapore Medical Journal 2017, 8% to 23% of children aged 6 to7 years old had atopic eczema and 10% to 14% of pre-schoolers aged 4 to 6 years old had chronic eczema. Also known as atopic dermatitis because of its tendency to be genetic, it appears as red, dry patches on cracked skin and can sometimes bleed. This is particularly similar to adult eczema. The main areas affected by eczema are elbows, face, neck, hands, and back. With our ever so hot and humid climate, eczema can get very uncomfortable for the little ones to the point where it might affect their sleep. What's worse is that infection can occur if your kiddos start scratching on those itchy spots! While eczema is not curable, it can be effectively managed and controlled. We've rounded up the best skin relief creams formulated for the young ones that'll soothe irritated skin and ease their discomfort.