Break out those bikes and camp gear, it's time for an island getaway with the kids to the isle of yesterday! Known as Singapore's Last Kampung, the island of Pulau Ubin is worth the trip! Mangroves, jungle, rivers...oh my! The day-tripper is an easy one and packed with nature fun for the whole family (babies included)! The island itself is protected from redevelopment, creating a haven for eco-loving families and adventure seekers. Prepare to feast your eyes on Singapore in the 1960s and explore the time-warped island for the kiddos. Want more? Trek up to Puaka Hill, the island's highest point at 74-meters, and overlooks the Ubin Granite Quarry.


*Cheap Maritime Thrills: Bumboat ride to/from the main island to Pulau Ubin. The kids love it!

*Biking Fun: Rent bikes upon arrival at 25 Pulau Ubin Bicycle Rental and explore the island's mangroves, organic gardens, and trails. Bikes are available in all sizes (kids included). If you are biking with babies and toddlers, they offer special seats on adult bikes. Just remember to bring your own helmet!

*Kayaking Kiddies: If you are looking to explore by sea, check out Adrenaline Hunter (minimum age is 7 years old).

*Chek Jawa Wetlands: Say hello to mudskippers and birdies galore at this impressive haven for nature. You can follow the signs to Chek Jawa via bike or take a mini-bus taxi. Upon arrival, explore the boardwalks and observation tower...impressive? We think so! Little Steps' tip: visit during low tide! 

*Restos & Eateries in Pulau Ubin: Take a coffee break or enjoy a full alfresco lunch. There are plenty of fresh seafood restos and open-air options. 

Ensure that you abide by the safe-distancing regulations and wear a mask at all times unless engaging in strenuous activities. Visiting 'kampung' households is permitted but capped at 5 persons per visit. There should also be no more than 5 people per group when visiting the wetlands.