We always love a new playground around town!  Lucky for us, it happens to be in one of our favorite areas in Singapore - Dempsey Hill!

Located in the green area around the newly opened Core Collective - this hub of easy to access fun for kids is perfect for a day out, a meet-up with parents, or a much-needed coffee break.  

The Scoop:

* Core Collective is a hub of wellness for the whole family.  You will find healthy eats, treats, exercise, and family-friendly fun.  The concept the Core Collective has launched is very similar to a co-working business concept - they focus on creating spaces for fitness and wellness professionals to "do their thing" without committing to long-term leases.  What this means for us parents - lots of very interesting concepts coming our way!

* The playground is located near Baker & Cook and Plank Pizza (both new for the area).  You will find an adorable treehouse, swing, and plenty of ride-ons. While not huge - it does offer everything the little ones need while lunch or dinner is served.  And - there is plenty of areas to roam as well.