Yes you heard it right! The much-anticipated Mandai Nature Reserve, encompassing the zoo, safaris, bird park, and a new Rainforest Park, will open its doors soon. First up in the pipeline will be the newly refurbished Bird Park and Rainforest Park which are set to open in 2020, while the rest by 2022. The 5-in-1 precinct boasts of a full-on, all-inclusive multi-park experience like no other.

The new Bird Park is said to be bigger and better, with free-flying tropical birds, a waterside trail with roaming Caribbean flamingos, 9 globally themed walk-through aviaries, plus conservation sanctuaries for endangered birds. At the Rainforest Park, you can learn more about Singapore's nature and wildlife conservation efforts. There'll also be a wildlife care and rehab center in the park where ill or injured wild animals will be treated and nursed back to health.

Other highlights of Mandai Nature Reserve not to be missed are the free boardwalk and nature trails where you get a breathtaking view of the Singapore Zoo, Night Safari, and River Safari. Within the vicinity, the Mandai Wildlife Bridge was just launched. It's dedicated to animal crossings and re-connects the buffer areas leading to the Central Catchment Nature Reserve on both sides of Mandai Lake Road. Want more? Come 2023, a new resort experience will open to guests at Mandai, bringing you closer to nature through a biophilic design that integrates the buildings with their natural surroundings.