An iconic hilltop landmark, Fort Canning Park has witnessed many of Singapore’s historical milestones and is conveniently located overlooking Orchard Road. Give the kids a history lesson while exploring the old forts and underground bunkers before setting up a picnic on a patch of grass or in a sheltered pavilion. There are 9 historical gardens to explore - the Pancur Larangan, Artisan’s Garden, Sang Nila Utama Garden, Jubilee Park (Phase 1), Raffles Garden, First Botanic Garden, Farquhar Garden, Spice Garden, and Armenian Street Park - so take your pick! Fort Canning is also a popular spot for concerts, theater productions, weddings, and parties. From Shakespeare In The Park, Films At The Fort to Ballet Under The Stars, this is a beautiful and tranquil venue for an evening’s entertainment.

Not to be missed especially for those with super-active kids is located right on the western slope of Fort Canning Park. This green space at the foot of Fort Canning Hill, named Jubilee Park, has been restored as a family-friendly enclave where kids can play with swings, see-saws, logs, and slides that are built into the hill slope. There are also old school swings, plus space for outdoor art installations, performances, and events.

Just for the history buffs, a trip to the Battlebox is a must. The Battlebox was part of the British army headquarters during WWII and was where they decided to surrender Singapore to the invading Japanese in 1942. Tickets are at a promotional price of SG$15 for adults and SG$8 for kids age 7 to 12 years. More information here.

Guided Walks like the Spice Garden Tour and Heritage On The Hill Tour are also available for groups of 15 or more participants. Find out more here! 

Click here for the map of Fort Canning Park. Time to start your adventure with the kids!