SG Mummies United is a community-driven blessings group which aims to be a stop-gap measure to plug the needs of moms adversely affected by the Covid19 pandemic. The aim is to use this platform to connect moms-in-need with moms who can bless them with what they have. Any mom can join to extend assistance or request for essentials that they may need. The admins of the group have set aside a delivery fund from their own savings to subsidize courier costs for the delivery of items.

Moms who fall through the gaps, have lost their jobs, or are struggling to make ends meet, can make requests in the Facebook group and other mothers in the group can help to grant those requests. Moms with a little extra at home, necessities like formula, diapers, food, milk bottles, groceries, clothing, or even educational items, can list them for moms in need.

Even though the group was started as a response to the pandemic, there will be moms who will find themselves needing urgent provisions, support, and help even when times are better; just as there will always be mums who have items to donate and offer. As long as the mommy community continues to fulfill the group’s mission of making a positive difference in the lives of moms-in-need, the admins will continue running this group voluntarily.