Outdoor School Singapore (OSS) believes that learning should extend beyond the four walls of a classroom. They offer young explorers a multi-sensory experience with nature through programs and camps. OSS wishes kids to have an enjoyable, creative, and adventurous learning journey, nurturing their ecological awareness and empathy towards the natural environment. This allows children to become risk-takers, responsible and resilient citizens.

Camps & Programs at Outdoor School Singapore (OSS):

Adventure/Day Camps With Schools: These programs are for kids ages 4-9 and are conducted in local nature parks and reserves to let children explore and discover local natural environments. Click here to find out more!

Holiday Camps: Camps: The Outdoor School Singapore run holiday programmes every school holidays. These programmes are usually 3 days long providing kids opportunities to develop important skills such as map reading, navigating and knot tying! Do keep a lookout for holiday programmes on their website!  

Survival Series Program: More recently, OSS began to run their brand new Survival Series programme. This survival series programme introduces our young explorers to necessary Survival Skills to survive in the wild. Survival Skills such as knot tying, map reading, navigating and first aid which are applicable not only when going outdoors but also through their daily lives. Through learning Survival Skills, our young explorers are given the opportunity to learn about the environment around us and greatly increases their knowledge of the plants, animals and the landscape of Singapore. As the explorers practice the various survival skills, they will learn to appreciate the usefulness of various plants as well as the behaviours and habits of animals that resides in the natural environment! Apart from learning about the natural environment through survival skills, it also helps to build the confidence and self esteem in our young explorers preparing them for any less than ideal scenarios that might come about in their everyday lives! Click here to find out more!