You and your family are invited to the upcoming Open Houses events at GESS! Experience the spirit of the GESS community, immerse yourself in their culture, and learn all about their curriculum. This is a great opportunity for you to truly explore how your child will thrive at GESS.

The Open Houses for Primary and Secondary will be Oct 8 and Open Houses for Pre-School is on Nov 20, and Mar 4, 2020

This will be an ideal opportunity to discover:

- How student-centered learning is conducted at GESS,

- Experience the community life there

- Join a school tour of their brand-new campus 

- Attend interesting talks delivered by our education experts

- Find out about our after school activities (over 90 options), bus program and more!

This will be an ideal opportunity to know about more the English IB and German Curriculum, attend interesting talks delivered by their education experts and explore their brand new purpose-built campus facilities on Dairy Farm Lane. You will also be able to listen to talks from their academic experts and find out about the after-school activity options (over 90 different choices!). 

Click here for more information and to register today!