The Little Steps Team is always thrilled with the news that signals palpable progress in the field of education, especially when it directly helps students thrive. One such piece of news reached us from ISS International School, which has been testing its innovative Learning Accelerator Program for the past school year - with promising results and plenty of enthusiasm on both faculty and student sides.

Developed on the basis of educational and psychological research, the Learning Accelerator uncovers how individual students learn and enables them to self-identify their strengths and weaknesses with the help of various tools. The results are then discussed with students and parents to determine priorities, after which students draw up a personalized learning plan with the help of teachers. The plan includes areas that call for development, social & enrichment targets, and skills & resources required to effectively accomplish them.

This fantastic tool that helps students identify and reach their goals will be launched school-wide in August 2020 and all students - from Kindergarten to Grade 12 - will get a chance to accelerate their learning!

Contact ISS to learn more and join them for a virtual one-on-one meeting!