EtonHouse Robertson Walk and Mountbatten 717 is very excited to announce that they are launching a new Chinese Immersion Program in 2020! This particular Chinese Immersion program has been well-loved by parents for many years at EtonHouse Zhonghua Pre-School. They run a unique curriculum featuring inquiry-based learning set in an environment immersed in Chinese culture and language, supported by native-speaking educators.

Throughout their day in school, children are exposed to the Chinese language at all times, applying it across different domains including literacy, numeracy, arts, science and more. This exclusive Chinese-speaking environment, which many do not have at home, is essential in giving children a solid foundation in the language.


The Chinese Immersion Program - how does it work?

- The inquiry curriculum in Pre-Nursery and Nursery is delivered entirely in Mandarin by native Chinese language teachers from China, Taiwan as well as Singapore who have professional qualifications in early childhood.

- Children learn at their own pace, languages are not taught in structured and formal classes conducted in isolation, but naturally acquired through their Inquire, Think, Learn Curriculum, which is inquiry-based and individualised.

- Their program aims to develop an appreciation of the Chinese culture, as well as to nurture globally-focused and culturally competent children. Cultural immersion is, therefore, a critical part of the Chinese program and includes elements such as calligraphy, Chinese performing arts and inquiry projects on Chinese traditions, to name a few.


How to register or book a tour?

You can register your interest to EtonHouse Robertson Walk here or book a tour at EtonHouse Mountbatten 717 here!