My Learning Haven is committed to offering quality childminding and educational services to the local community. They provide offer infant care service (One North only) and childcare services for children aged from 2 to 18 months (infant care) and 18 months to 6 years old (childcare).

Unhurried Learning Through Play

My Learning Haven Methodology is based on the PlayRoom Concept. Built on the concept of Learning Through Play, their style of education comes through the vibrant Playrooms designed for creative learning to take place in an unhurried manner.

Creative Learning

Children will be engaged in different and unique play experiences as they move from one room to another. The aim of this concept is to ensure uninterrupted time for children to delve into each activity, focusing on developing the skills.

Vibrant Playrooms

Their 5 different playrooms consist of Language Playroom (very thematic and phonetic equipped with learning corners and story time), Creative Playroom (focusing on singing, dancing, art and craft and dramatization), Math Playroom (making numbers fun and non-threatening), Games Room (focus on gross and fine motor skills), and Play Lab (a natural and conducive environment)! Their rooms transform as the year goes along. With various interesting themes, children will never be bored with the environment.


If you wish to know more, book now to visit us for an open house and virtual school tours, click here!