Lorna Whiston Schools is a thought leader in the field of education with signature programs that transform lives through learning. This summer school break, they are inviting kids aged 3 to 14 into their virtual camps - supportive playgrounds for self-exploration.

No matter where their interests lie, Lorna Whiston camps will amplify their curiosity and bring out the best in them. The camps are led by an experienced and compassionate team of teachers, have an all-inclusive price for each camp that ranges from SG$300 - $420, and focus on different skills and themes.




Lorna Whiston teachers have designed an online English learning program that spark's a natural curiosity for learning English.

MULTI ACTIVITY CAMP (3 - 5 & 6 - 8 years)

Different activities each day, from Cooking, Science, Art & Craft, Drama, and Fun with Phonics. Great for kids who crave stimulation.

ART STUDIO (6 - 8 years)

Different art classes that allow children to create their own art through various techniques.

ACTOR'S STUDIO (6 - 8 years)

Kids learn to think, explore and experience through creative drama, learn scripts and perform. Parents are in for an online show!

CREATIVE WRITING (7 - 8 years)

Kids learn about genres, develop world knowledge, their vocabulary, and create original, imaginative content. It's much more than writing - there's reading, dynamic activities, storyboards, and tech tools.

LEGO ROBOTICS (9 - 14 years)

Tweens and teens learn basic robot structural design and progress from there until they build autonomous and responsive virtual robots by the end of the camp week. 

CODE ACADEMY (9 to 14 years)

Code Academy Camps turn children into confident coders who create and publish their own games, learn how to grow as people, and collaborate with peers.


Learn more about the camps and register here!