Little Footprints Preschool is a high-quality preschool education provider in Singapore, with 37 centers located around the country. They believe in setting a strong foundation for the holistic development and well-being of children, as well as nurturing young minds.

Their comprehensive curriculum aims to create a love for learning and instill their core values of caring, confidence, respect, and reflection into each child. It molds every child into a civic-minded and responsible citizen of the world.


An Image that Little Footprints aims to instill in their children: 

Civic Minded Children - A strong emphasis is placed on fostering the little bright minds to have strong qualities and values. Their character development programs – Vitamin C, focuses on a different value each term. Such values will be the children’s core foundation as they grow.

Confident Communicators - Little Footprints offers all-rounded language and literacy programs that provide a wide linguistic choice for children to express themselves in various forms; listening, speaking, reading, writing, and dramatizing.

Problem Solvers and Independent Thinkers - With a numeracy program that encompasses the 5 Strands - Patterns, Numbers, Shape, Measurement, and Data-handling – children have concrete and fun experiences through their numeracy program.

Love for Learning - The eclectic mix of activities and programs offered at Little Footprints is sure to engage your child in a meaningful and effective way, keeping the children hungry for knowledge! 


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