At La Petite Ecole, the child is at the heart of the learning process! Each child is different, and the staff ensures all children feel welcomed and safe in their wonderful school. The school focuses on the children’s well-being and provides a conducive environment for their academic development as well as learning through play.

To meet the children’s needs:

- A team of French and English-speaking teachers and their teaching assistants are trained all year long on neurosciences to help understand child development better, to help children express their emotions, to listen to their needs, and offer guidance, to exercise benevolence, and to adopt a suitable classroom practice.

- Heterogeneous groups of children to ensure that all children benefit from each other’s strengths and support.

- Encouraging a harmonious bonding between children in all aspects of education, such as collective sports games in the gym room, and mindful storytelling in the library.

- Extra linguistic support in both French and English (Francais Langue Etrangere and ESL) for children who need it.

- Extra support for the K2 in small groups to prepare them specifically for P1.

- An extra assistant in class for the younger pupils (N1) to ensure that their needs are met!

- A school counselor to observe, support, exercise preventive measures and comfort the children and their parents when need be.

At La Petite Ecole education goes hand-in-hand with close communication with the families.

La Petite Ecole organizes meet-ups through several events such as pedagogical coffee talks with the parents or community events. They also encourage parents’ participation in class (i.e. to play a musical instrument, work on an art project together, etc.) and communication via several media (Kidizz private app, emails).

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