ELFA, the most awarded Singapore preschool brand in China, is celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2020 - with an exclusive (and fitting) discount of 20%* for ELFA Chinese Preschool @ Pandan Valley! Besides this, they are inviting you to a virtual session to learn more about the things that made ELFA a model bilingual Chinese-English preschool in China. 

- Their principal will share ELFA's philosophy and the way in which their children grow up differently and confidently as bilingual.

- You will learn the workings of their award-winning bilingual program for kids aged 18 months to 6 years and find out how they give your child a strong bilingual literacy foundation with a focus on Mandarin acquisition.

- You will get to see their inspiring learning spaces such as their Chinese Culture-Infused Classrooms, Chinese-Inspired Art Studio, Dramatic Play Area, and more!

- You will learn all about their enrichment programs that include Higher-Order-Thinking Math and Chinese Speech & Drama.


ELFA combined the best methodologies in Singapore and China to create their Integrated Thematic Curriculum that places a strong emphasis on the Chinese language, developing children's Mandarin skills, deepening their understanding of the Chinese culture, and unlocking their potential in other areas through bilingual teaching. Bilingualism is an asset that is invaluable in today's interconnected global society and even more so in the new Asia-centric environment. ELFA develops these skills in children easily, and you have a chance to learn exactly how by joining their virtual session!

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