The GESS International Pre-School is a child-centered universe where every child is viewed as a powerful and unique learner! The school believes that your child is born with the natural desire to learn and every educator’s job is to feed this desire the right way, with respect for a young learner’s mind.

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Best of Three Worlds

The GESS Pre-School caters to children from 2 to 5 years through the following offerings: Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten 1 & 2 and Pre-Primary. The preschool's approach is a signature combination of Reggio Emilia and the IB Primary Years framework (PYP) that rests upon the notion that all children have an innate desire to know about their world and use many ways to develop this understanding.

Your Child is The Priority

The main focus at GESS Pre-School is the unique learner! Focussing entirely on aiding them to them feel safe and at ease physically, emotionally, and mentally. This way, they can take risks and explore learning possibilities without limitations! All educators are early childhood experts who know how to design learning environments and meaningful learning engagements for children to take ownership of their learning. 

A Flexible and Rich Program

The GESS Pre-School timetable is great in its flexibility! Educators adapt the timetable according to the evolving interests and needs of children. In Kindergarten and Pre-Primary, students go through 4 Units of Inquiry according to the IB PYP framework, asking big questions about the world, researching and taking action. Some learning areas covered in the Pre-School are maths, language, personal and social development, science and the arts.