The last time Singapore encountered a large scale medical epidemic was during the SARS outbreak in 2003. Today, the COVID-19 coronavirus is causing us to take extra precautions for our health and our family's well-being, and it's essential to educate kids about the situation as well.

To quell their questions and concerns, EtonHouse has released a brand new E-Book called "A New Virus Has Arrived," which teaches what the outbreak is all about in a relatable and educational way for the little ones.

The book uses colorful illustrations and simple terms so that even younger kids will be able to understand its content. It also includes answers to how it affects our health, and tips on how we can better protect ourselves. Those more familiar with Chinese don't have to worry – it also comes with Chinese characters.

Kids have curious minds, and the best way to protect them through a time like this is by educating them, calming their fears, and creating conversation. With the right knowledge and information, we'll be able to keep our family happy and healthy!

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