ELFA, the most awarded Singapore preschool brand in China, is celebrating its 20th anniversary with an exclusive promotion! A 20% off school fees is applicable for the rest of 2020 when you enroll your kid at ELFA @ Pandan Valley or Serangoon! 


Experience ELFA through their thematic virtual tour and learn how:

- ELFA's philosophy and the uniqueness of its educational approach benefit your kiddo's development - first-hand from their Principal;

- Their award-winning bilingual program (for kids aged 2 months to 6 years) equips your kid with strong bilingual literacy and other skills;

- Their learning spaces, such as Chinese Culture-Infused Classrooms, Chinese-inspired Art Studio, Garden and Play Area, inspire young learners and facilitate their growth!


ELFA's success lies in using an integrated thematic approach that combines the best methodologies from China and Singapore, placing a strong focus on the Chinese language, language skills and Mandarin culture. Bilingual teaching does wonders for language skills but also translates into other spheres of learning at ELFA. It enables in-depth understanding and higher-order thinking skills in math; amplifies communication, practical interpersonal skills and confidence through Chinese speech & drama; and facilitates calm, composure and creativity through eastern and western art teaching methods. Click here to register and learn more!