EtonHouse's mission is to shape the future by educating capable global citizens. Bilingualism is an integral part to this approach - not only does the ability to communicate in two languages open doors in the future, but the very process broadens horizons and facilitates cognitive growth!

The earlier a child is exposed to a language, the easier it is acquired - with peak acquisition capacity until the age of 8. This is why EtonHouse offers sustained exposure to both English and Chinese from 18 months above - spontaneously in a natural environment. This way, kids learn not only to speak but to think and grasp concepts in different languages. EtonHouse offers different language programs, which you can learn more about here - and below!

Intensive Chinese language education in the early years is best sought at EtonHouse Zhong Hua, the first preschool in Singapore with an inquiry curriculum delivered exclusively in Mandarin by native Chinese language teachers. Due to incredible feedback from parents, this 100% immersion program will also be launched at EtonHouse's Robertson Walk and Mountbatten 717 campuses from January 2021.

At primary level, their bilingual program is aligned with the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Program - You can choose between the bilingual immersion track or the mainstream program with Chinese as a second language. The bilingual immersion program offered in the EtonHouse Broadrick campus is for competent Chinese language learners ensuring that students have significant exposure to the language along with opportunities to integrate culture into the curriculum. Students are assessed for their language proficiency through the Youth Chinese Test (YCT), an international standardized Chinese language test.

Language programs at EtonHouse are enriched with cultural immersion, elements of history, geography, current affairs, and philosophy, literature and the arts, and traditions and lifestyles as well. This provides the kiddos with a wholesome, multidimensional understanding that goes beyond learning the language - EtonHouse students are able to truly express themselves and be receptive to the nuances of other cultures in general.