Guide To Early Years And Kindergarten Curriculum In Singapore

Early years are a period in our preschoolers' lives when their mechanisms of existing in the world, i.e. personalities, are in rapid development as they absorb the world around them – both through their senses and our own modeling of behavior – like a sponge. Especially at this stage of development, education should follow a...


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Play Primus Schoolhouse Singapore

A Unique Preschool Education At Primus Schoolhouse Singapore

Help Your Child Realise Their True Potential At Primus!
Primus Schoolhouse offers a unique hybrid curriculum (UK & Singapore) designed to develop a love...
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Teacher And Students At Perse School Singapore

A Boutique British Education At The Perse School Singapore

Open For January 2022 Intake Onwards!
A boutique British school offering daily Chinese classes and Singapore Maths in small class sizes,...
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Kids With Chicken Kinderland Singapore

At Kinderland Preschool, The Wonders Of Learning Never Cease!

Enroll At Kinderland Preschool For 2022! Limited Vacancies Left
Kinderland is one of the leading pioneers in Singapore’s Early Childhood landscape, providing quality preschool...
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Classroom North London Collegiate School Singapore

Join A Virtual Meet With North London Collegiate School (Singapore)

Meet A Member Of The School's Senior Team Online!
North London Collegiate School (Singapore) combines an academically ambitious and aspirational curriculum supported by outstanding...
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