Let your imagination soar! At Kiddomo, classic play mixes with interactive technology to keep kids entertained. To start the adventure, strap on an electronic wristband and take a selfie to create your very own avatar. Remember to flash your wristbands at the different activity stops to get started.

The Scoop:

Artbox: Doodle mustaches or customize with stickers on touchscreen images of masterpieces like the Mona Lisa. Also, kids can color their choice of vehicles before scanning and have them appear on screens on the wall. Or go a step further by turning your works of art into 3D prints.

Fantasy Space: Bounce and roll about on giant balls that switch color with every move.

Dream Zone: Frantically pop as many balloons as possible through the Magic Mirror by controlling your avatar’s movements and actions.

Dino Discovery: Hunt for hidden dinosaur eggs in a ball pit that doubles as a playground with slides and climbing equipment. Kids scan their eggs and press on giant buttons to learn more about each dinosaur.

Musical Maestro: Wave your hands in the air to conduct a virtual orchestra.

Magic Academy: With a wand in hand, kids break into a castle and slay dragons by following specific commands on a screen.

Kara O Kid: Pick a song and background to your very own music video, and karaoke to your heart’s content. The music video simultaneously plays on a big screen for passersby. Shhhhh…