During the last 2+ months of MCO, there's an excellent chance you've heard your child say both "I'm bored" and "I'm hungry" on repeat. If this is you, help has arrived! Grab Food Malaysia has teamed up with Google to remedy both complaints in one fun and almost magical activity where your child's drawing will become actual food delivered to your door.

The process is easy as pie; ask your kiddos to draw what they would like to eat, anything from pizza to dim sum to nasi lemak. (Parent approved, of course) Then hop on to your Grab app, click on the Delivery Doodles feature, and take a picture of your child's work of art. Using artificial intelligence, the app will determine what the dish is and offer suggestions of nearby restaurants that will deliver your child's cravings.

While the user experience is simple, the technology behind it is anything but. It took a whole lot of work, innovation, and over 10,000 doodles to train the program to recognize the many dishes available on Grab Food. But, working together, Grab and Google were able to complete this project in just 3 and a half weeks so that the children of Malaysia might have some fun getting creative and parents might hear one less "I'm bored."