Hey festive friends - SuperPark is throwing a-rockin' party this holiday season and you and your clan are invited for the fun!  The oh-so-fun 40,000 square foot indoor playroom in the heart of Kuala Lumpur has put together a Nordic celebration inspired by Santa's homeland - Finland.

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The Highlights:

* Letter To Santa:  Every child wants to make sure their letter to Santa gets in the right hands.  At SuperPark, kids can write down their Christmas wishes on the SuperXmas card and put it into the post box and stamped for the North Pole.  What's more, 10 SuperXmas Cards will be picked to win some fabulous prizes.

* SuperElf Workshop: Guests can help save the SuperElves and win prizes!  Kids will be given a set of chores and be rewarded a mystery Christmas Raffle for the hard work.  Fun, fun, fun!

* SuperXmas Dance Along: Get Your Groove on to your favorite festive jingles from December 18-25, 2019.  We expect to see some awesome moves!

* SuperAnnualPass:  Searching for the best gift ever...how about an annual pass to pure fun for as low as RM29 per month.