Let's go caving! An iconic and popular tourist attraction in Selangor (14 Kilometers outside KL), Batu Caves is a limestone hill that is home to temples inside caves! The site is named after the nearby Batu River that flows along the limestone hill from Ampang. The temples attract thousands of Hindu worshippers and tourists each year, especially around the annual Hindu festival of Thaipusam (January/February).

At the main entrance of the cave stands a giant statue of the Hindu god Murugan, and next to it are 272 steps which take you to the top of the hill. Older kids can get some exercise as they hike up the steps with you. If you are traveling with younger kids, be prepared for the trek up the hill and leave any prams at home (this is not stroller-friendly). You can tour the smaller caves at the bottom with little ones and there is a popular Koi pond too...but we recommend taking the tots in a carrier to see the real deal up top! When you get to the top of the steps, you'll be able to take in stunning views of the city below. While you're there, keep an eye out for the monkeys jumping between the trees.