When World War II ended and Italy started prospering, revolutionary ideas started blossoming in the field of education as well. The best ideas are both sown and cultivated by the community, and such is the story of Reggio Emilia. Psychologist Loris Malaguzzi and the parents from the villages around the Italian town of Reggio Emilia used the progressive atmosphere to push an educational philosophy resting on social constructivism and calling exclusively for a self-guided curriculum based on exploration, community bonds, self-expression, and development. They did not underestimate children but understood what we as adults lose along the way. As parents are faced with an increasing number of holistic approaches to early education and institutions offering to take perfect care of their your kiddos, we are here to break down one of the oldest and leading among them and tell you exactly where to find Reggio Emilia-Inspired Preschools in Kuala Lumpur!