Early education is an integral part of childhood and can have a major impact on a child's future, either positive or negative. As parents, it can be a daunting task looking for the right preschool or kindergarten for your kiddos. You may be asking questions like, "Will my child be well taken care of?" or "Will my child be better for their time at this school?" Well, parents, meet Kindity, the newest stand-out school in Kuala Lumpur for Early Childhood Education.

At Kindity they understand that education is about so much more than just gaining knowledge or memorizing information, which is why they have developed a curriculum with every aspect of the child in mind. Using a combination of the Montessori method and the Design Thinking Model, Kindity teaches children to not only do well in school, but to also develop ideas, problem-solve collaboratively, and empathize with others. Using play and hands-on activities and lessons, they nurture children to become good global citizens, to see beyond themselves, and to think about how they can better the world and those around them.

Beyond their innovative and holistic approach to education, there are many things that set Kindity apart including:

The location: The school is located in the KL Performing Arts Center in Sentul Park. This means the park is the children's playground and the teachers (or coaches as they are called) frequently take the kids on nature walks, play games or sports, and help plant and tend to a garden. Adorable!

The Staff: The coaches are all highly qualified and passionate about making learning fun and relevant. They understand each child is unique with their own learning styles and rates of progress, so they weekly evaluate each child's progress and make needed adjustments to that individual's learning plan.

The Inclusion Of Parents: The team at Kindity are pros at making sure parents are in the loop and are part of their child's education. They frequently update parents about what their child is learning, their progress, and how they can reinforce learned skills at home. Additionally, before each child comes to school for the first time, their teacher will make a home visit to meet the student and parents in order to make those first days a little easier for both the child and parents. Talk about above and beyond!

To learn more about this incredible school, call or email to set up a meeting and tour.

As of September 2020, they are offering several new intake promotions including early-bird discounts and a free month trial, yes you read that right, an entire month free!