Nord Anglia School Virtual Learning Experience In Jakarta

Robust Virtual Learning Experience At Nord Anglia School Jakarta

Nord Anglia School Jakarta virtual school experience

Nord Anglia School is one of the oldest institutions in Jakarta offering essential skills to students. From arts, sports to languages, and technology the school encourages and enhances the overall performance of the student.

Nord Anglia School (NAS) teachers and students have been reflecting on their Virtual School Experience (VSE). With a robust Nord Anglia network of teachers from across the world and their expertise, the school has achieved excellent progress even during the global pandemic. The teachers have adapted techniques to enhance the online learning experience and offer support to their pupils through collaborative activities, interactive learning, and discussions. The students have responded positively to virtual school learning, portraying significant improvement and enthusiasm.

Since the initiation of the Virtual School Experience a year ago, the school teachers and teaching assistants have built the dynamic online program to a new level through consistency, resilience, and patience. The school has designed various programs throughout the school day with sessions for children and teachers to engage, interact and develop social skills.

To find out more about the students’ and teachers’ reflections on VSE at NAS Jakarta, please visit their website.

Why Little Steps Loves It:​

With extensive experience, Nord Anglia School teachers offer innovative and unique child-focused learning experience.

Who It's Perfect For:

Parents and students looking for a rewarding learning experience through collaborative and interactive activities.

What Else:​

Nord Anglia School is located in a plush suburban sanctuary of South Jakarta.

Where To Find It:​

Additional Info:​

Look out for open days and updates from NAS Jakarta.

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