In the past few weeks and in the several weeks to come parents and kids have had and will have to spend a lot of time at home working, learning, exercising, and not to mention the usual cooking, cleaning, and more! Over time, it doesn’t only strain the parents but the children as well.

Playing board games as a family can alleviate stress and promote quality time together. Little Steps Asia has collected the best board game stores in Jakarta where you can make purchases online.

1. Blibli - Indonesia's trusted marketplace for just about anything!

2. Tokopedia - Online marketplace for anything you can think of, look for Power Merchants or Official Stores.

3. Toko Board Game - Large variety of board games for all ages.

4. Monopolis - Huge collection of board games for all ages.

5. Grouplay Gandaria City - Available online via Tokopedia

6. Helovesus Board Game Cafe - Available online via Tokopedia

7. Arcanum Hobbies Kuningan City - Available online via Tokopedia

8. Mosquito Play - Rare and collectibles.

9. Shopee

10. Lazada