If you're craving for some creamy and delicious baked macaroni, head straight to this cozy family-friendly restaurant in downtown West Jakarta. Clara Caroline started the business in her own kitchen, finding the best ingredients for her son and daughter. Now, both the restaurant and the online service have become a moms' favorite for their kids.

Macaroni House serves seven baked macaroni variations. Try their most popular Smoked Beef, Carbonara, or Cheeselicious. Pair the meal with a refreshing Strawberry Yakult or Dalmatian Milkshake. Moms and dads would love their Fettucine Crispy Chicken Alfredo, Carbonara Baked Potato, or the Mac and Cheese Pizza. For some ethnic fusion, we recommend the Balinese Chicken or Rendang Pasta. Close your dining experience with a sweetie Banana Cake, or for every purchase of baked macaroni menu, get a free Australian Mudcake!

Macaroni House has a minature house popular among the kiddos because they can have their own dinner table and do as much coloring as they'd like. A small shop corner sells handmade products from Precious One, an organization that supports the deaf.

If you are interested in to put their customizable baked macaroni on your kids' weekly menu, consider their delivery service. What's more, they also serve macaroni for toddlers (delivery only), made with butternut pumpkin, beef, bio chicken sans sugar, salt, and pepper!

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