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Top 10 Eco-Friendly Face Masks For Kids And Adults

Eco-Friendly, Organic And Reusable Face Masks

Eco Friendly Face Masks Hong Kong

Face masks are the new norm for kids these days!  With a surplus of disposable face masks ending up in the trash, parents are looking more and more for safe and eco-friendly options for their kids!  Lucky for us, there are plenty of amazing (and rather stylish options) for kids in Hong Kong.  Here is our round-up of the best eco-friendly and safe face masks for kids in Hong Kong.  You will find cotton face masks, organic options, and sporty ones too.

1. ByMamalaterre *Hong Kong Local Brand

Hong Kong watercolor artist creating gorgeous artistic face masks for kids and adults.

2. Alchemist Creations *Hong Kong Local Brand

Washable face masks in solid colors and earthy prints.

3. Krak  *Hong Kong Local Brand

Reusable face masks for toddlers on up with encouraging messages of hope inside!

4. Milk Shirts *Hong Kong Local Brand

Made in Hong Kong, these comfortable masks are made from top-notch shirt fabric.

5.  Saupei HK *Hong Kong Local Brand

Eco-friendly masks with unique cultural styles and prints

6. Airinum

Swedish designed with advanced technology to keep you and your kids oh-so-safe

7. Rashr

Reusable masks (washable) with disposable PM2.5 filters for kids and adults.

8. Wee Bean *Hong Kong Local Brand

Hypoallergenic organic cotton masks for toddlers, kids, and adults

9.  Zalora

A variety of eco-friendly brands and styles for all ages

10. ASOS

A wide variety of reusable face masks from cheetah print to multi-packs of 2 or 5.

(Image credit: Getty Images / art Photo)

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