Smart Watches In Hong Kong For Kids

Keep Track of Kids With Me Finder™

It’s every Hong Kong parent’s worst nightmare – walking around the sea of weekend shoppers in IFC mall or Causeway Bay (if you must go there on a weekend) with your little one in tow, and you turn around to find that he’s nowhere to be found! Panic sets in immediately…

Check out these nifty digital wristbands for children to use if…err…when they get lost or separated from mom, dad or the grandparents. Program up to five phone numbers, and teach your child how to show & tell: show a safe adult, tell them to phone mummy, and then just stay put.

Smart Watches In Hong Kong:

*CSL Smart Watches For Kids – Kids Tracking

*Lite Guardian – Fortress


Why Little Steps Loves It:​

It is a fun way to start teaching kids about personal safety, and also provides mom and dad with peace of mind when out on the town.

Who It's Perfect For:

Little wanderers ages 8 and under.

What Else:​

Check out aa variety of colors and styles.

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