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Wycombe Abbey School In Hong Kong

Opening This September: Applications Are Open!

Wycombe Abbey School Hong Kong - Featured

Wycombe Abbey UK was founded more than 120 years ago and it has become the leading independent boarding school in the UK, ranked number one for academic results. Around one-third of Wycombe Abbey UK’s graduates receive offers of places at Oxford and Cambridge each year, with others going on to top universities in the USA such as Columbia, Harvard, MIT, and Stanford.

Now Wycombe Abbey School Hong Kong is going to be opening its doors this September and enrollment has already begun! The school prides itself on offering a learning environment where intellectual curiosity is encouraged and able to flourish.

  • HONG KONG CAMPUS: Bespoke Curriculum

    Wycombe Abbey School Hong Kong is set to open a co-educational primary school in September 2019. The new campus is situated in Tin Wan, Aberdeen. The stunning campus will be equipped with dedicated facilities for Speech and Drama, Music, Art, Science and STEM subjects and state of the art facilities!

    Their bespoke curriculum has been specifically designed to provide primary age children with an approach to teaching and learning that combines all that is best in the British and Hong Kong primary education systems, ensuring that they are ideally prepared for the next steps in their lives and schooling.


    Wycombe Abbey School Hong Kong Ethos

    Their ethos is rooted in a simple principle that a holistic education, which incorporates a diverse co-curricular programme, will foster the skills required to succeed, including creatively, emotional intelligence, teamwork, and leadership.

  • OBJECTIVES & PROGRAMS: Chinese Classes & Enrichment Program

    Chinese Classes

    At Wycombe Abbey School Hong Kong students will be taught seven Chinese language classes per week at each year group. Chinese will be taught as a discrete subject with a similar number of lessons allocated to Chinese, English, and Maths each week. Mandarin will be the medium of instruction to Chinese lessons and students will be taught to read and write simplified characters, with exposure to traditional characters through lessons in calligraphy, voluntary supplementary reading lessons and a variety of extra-curricular activities.


    12 developmental objectives 

    Wycombe Abbey School Hong Kong wishes their students to set high standards for themselves and therefore has set 12 developmental objectives as a guideline: Collaborative, Adaptable, Confidence, Resilient, Independent, Considerate, Responsible, Intellectually Curious, Digitally Literate, Highly Numerate, Creative and Innovative!


    Extra-Curricular Enrichment Program & Supervised After-School Care 

    Wycombe Abbey School Hong Kong runs from 8am-3pm with 9 lessons in the day. Children will be encouraged to stay on for their extra-curricular enrichment program from 3pm-5pm

    For those wishing to stay later, they provide supervised after school care to allow the children to relax to do their homework until 6pm.

  • ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS: Learn More At The Explore Meetings

    Now Accepting Applications

    Wycombe Abbey School Hong Kong is now accepting applications! And you can start the application with a mere click of a button to their website.


    ‘Explore’ Meetings

    For parents interested in learning more about the school, they are running ‘Explore’ Meetings weekly at the Central office.

    Parents will have the opportunity to meet and speak to their Founding Headmaster, Howard Tuckett who was selected by the Council members of Wycombe Abbey School UK to Head the Hong Kong primary school.

    Tuckett has over 35 years of experience as an educational leader. He is a primary specialist that had taken on roles such as teacher, housemaster, sports coach and Headmaster. He has 19 years of Headship at 2 top UK Prep Schools and mentored 14 Prep School Heads in the United Learning Group.

Where To Find It:​

Additional Info:​

(The campus address is Tin Wan Street, Aberdeen, Hong Kong, but their campus is under construction and refurbishment at present)
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