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Summer Programs With JEMS Hong Kong

Developing Character Values Like Empathy And Generosity

Summer Programs Jems Hong Kong
Looking for something meaningful to do this Summer? JEMS Character Academy is offering Summer programs this July and August that teach patience, self-control, empathy, generosity, and other important values.

Make an inquiry today and find out how your child can benefit from JEMS’ unique character building courses!

Programs are designed to engage children in a fun way where activities, games, and projects help to aid the application of their character values. Older students dive deeper into 5-day programs that explore topics including handling pressure, having a growth mindset, and how to communicate with others.

JEMS is committed to helping children become upstanding members of society and believes that this begins with building great character. Their after-school programs are fun and engaging, incorporating elements of social-emotional learning so children can develop confidence, foster good relationships with friends and family, and make a positive impact on their community.

Help your child be the best version of themselves with JEMS Character Academy this Summer!

Why Little Steps Loves It:​

The JEMS' Summer programs are an excellent way for your child to learn important values, from empathy and patience to handling pressure and cultivating a growth mindset.

Who It's Perfect For:

Pre-Nursery to Primary 6 students.

What Else:​

Annual programs run during the academic year from September to June. Click here for more details!

Where To Find It:​

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