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Sports And Language Summer Camps At ESF Hong Kong In 2021

Immerse In Fun Activities At ESF Sports And Language Camps Starting From July 5 to August 27, 2021

The fun does not need to stop when school does! Throughout the holiday break, if you’re looking for an activity to excite and engage your child, look no further than the ESF Holiday Camps! ESF Summer Language Camps typically host courses involving Language Skills, Preparatory Classes (such as Playgroups & Primary Preparation and more), including STEM classes, spread across ESF’s many campuses, suitable for children aged 13 months to 18 years. The holiday camps are open to ESF and non-ESF students with 40+ programs to choose from – they do offer something for everyone!


  • ESF Hong Kogn language summer camp


    The top-seller of the ESF Summer Camp is our language programs for English and Spanish. The topic-based language programs bring literature and language studies alive by using multidisciplinary activities, capturing the students' imagination and helping them develop the four main language skills of reading, writing, speaking, and listening. The camps include a variety of preparatory activities at different levels for the coming school year. Taught by a team of experienced and qualified educators, students will be immersed in an environment to build confidence in English communications. Looking for something similar? Click here for more details.

    From Playgroups that emphasize sensory and play-based learning to Pre-Kindergarten programs that help children become more independent and to Primary Preparation classes that help them get a head start.

  • ESF Summer Sports Camp


    Join the Summer Multi-Sports Camp to experience different sports firsthand, enabling children to develop their gross motor skills and basic sports techniques. The Summer Multi-Sports Camp combines a range of age-appropriate activities that aim to establish a core range of skills and an ideal place to dip your childrens' toes into the many different types of sporting activities. The multi-sports camps are open to all and include Fencing, Football, Basketball, Gymnastics, Tennis, Swimming including upcoming E-Sports. Click here for details.


    STEM is a key part of the ESF Summer Camp program, aiming to get students geared with essential skills of the future as they dive deep into engineering, design, coding, and simple technology challenges. Suitable for Primary students and up, they will learn the scientific method at an early age. In Science Carnival, students will work on series of small projects and in Ancient Science, students will explore ancient civilization. Learn more here!

Where To Find It:​

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