Best Spa Treatments In Hong Kong For Men

Haircuts + Shaves + More In Hong Kong

Dad Day Out At The Spa - The Dukes

Dad’s day out at the spa! Whether you are looking for a haircut for pops and little one, a place to get a a clean shave or simply a cool excuse to hang with your kid at a spa catering to dudes, here is your guide.

  • Dad Day Out At The Spa - The Dukes

    THE DUKES: For Dad + Kids Too!

    If you are looking for a real man cave in Central, here is your place!  Dukes is a 3-story hub of manly fun with whisky, cigars, TVS, haircuts, and shaves.  They can do kids haircuts, but it is primarily a fabulous place to send dad for an afternoon of pampering. You can also rent out a private room for a pocker night, sports night, etc.


    The Dukes, 6-8/F, 60 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong,

  • GENTLEMEN'S TONIC: For Dad + Son!

    Looking for a bit of old school charm dad? This is the place to come. They have a wide range of services from including grooming, lifestyle, additions massages and packages. Make sure your dad and son are groomed, massaged and stress free this weekend. Pick up the girls on the way home and look like the bees knees!


    Gentlemen’s Tonic, 43-49 Wellington St, Central, Hong Kong, +852 2525 2455,

  • FOX AND THE BARBER: For Dad & Son!

    If you want to do something for the sons in your life, then pack them off here. The Fox And The Barber is a must visit. They’re a traditional barber shop providing shaves and haircuts only. Why should the girls have all the fun!?


    Fox And The Barber, 41-43 Graham Street, Central, Hong Kong, +852 2405 6880,

Additional Info:​


For Dads:

Mandarin Oriental Spa - Shaves + Cuts For Dads

Hairhouse Barbers - Shaves + Cuts For Dads

Era Barbers - Shaves + Cuts For Dads

The Barber Shop - Shaves + Cuts for Dads

Handsome Factory - Shaves + Cuts for Dads

Haircuts For Kids:

Haircuts For Kids In HK

For Mom:

Mom & Me Pampering Guide

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