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When is the best age to learn a foreign language? Many parents want their children to learn a language as soon as possible, but they fear that letting their children learn a second language too early will confuse them. The Hong Kong Institute of Languages (HKIL) wishes to help parents with just that! They have been a pioneer in language teaching for young children since the 1980s. The school has been teaching 7 languages to Hong Kong’s families for more than 38 years and is providing After School Language Courses for children 3 to 12 years.

The institute offers a highly engaging teaching method that supports language learning at all levels, including foundation to advanced and mother tongue support. The school offers private classes as well as small group lessons. Groups are organized by age and language level to ensure a homogenous class dynamic and optimal linguistic progress. Classes are limited to 8 children only, providing your child with greater teacher attention and quality learning opportunities.

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For parents who are concerned about what the right age is, there is a “golden age of learning a language.” Different ages have different advantages in learning foreign languages. As long as you take advantage of the “golden age,” you can stimulate your child’s learning potential and build a stable language foundation!

A Golden Age for Language Learning:

0-3 years old – adapt to a multilingual environment: The age of 0 to 3 is the period of rapid brain development.

4-7 years old – increase interest in learning: Children at this stage are entering the “language vocabulary growth period.” Their vocabulary proficiency has improved, which is more than twice that of when they were 3 years old.

8-10 years old – establish self-study habits: At this stage, it is necessary to focus on cultivating children’s autonomous learning ability. More structured language lessons help children to learn a new language naturally and consciously.

11-15 years old – develop on a foundation:  Children at this age have adapted to school life and have built a certain foreign language foundation.  Selecting appropriate after school study which is fun and engaging can further enhance a child’s language ability.


Why Little Steps Loves It:​

Hong Kong Institute of Languages (HKIL) provides flexible and safe learning modes: your choice of private lessons, online or home-based tuition. Children are free to switch between these learning modes at any time!

Who It's Perfect For:

Children 3-12 and teens 13 to 18!

What Else:​

The teachers are all natives to provide the best learning experience, as well as learn the most authentic form of the language. The school also offers language courses to adults, and caters to all levels.

Where To Find It:​

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