Chord Hero Virtual Ukelele Classes For Kids

Assemble And Play Your Own Ukulele!

2020 Mar 27 - 2020 Dec 31

This is the perfect time for the kids to pick up a musical instrument. Chord Hero si hosting virtual classes where kids can not only learn to play the ukelele but assemble their very own customized one as well!

Lessons will be taught by professional STEAM and music teachers. During the lessons, kids will learn to read their fretboard, tablature and standard notations, distinguish between different types of rhythm patterns, play various strumming and plucking techniques, all major and minor chords and transitions, chord progression and 5 well-known classics for beginners!

The course has a one time fee of HK$800 and is inclusive of a One Maker ukulele set that is valued at HK$250 and 11 live online courses hosted in groups of 20. Each lesson is valued at HK$50. This course is for children aged 9 and up. This course is a great way for kids to interact with other children online and pick up a fun new hobby!

What Else:​

Assemble and play your very own ukulele online!

Where To Find It:​

Additional Info:​

March 27 to December 31, 2020. Classes are held every other day on weekdays.

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