MiniSport Beach Day

Beach Party Games For Kids!


Fancy a December beach day? Get the kids signed up for the Minisport beach party games this winter. During the beach day, parents can relax on the beach, and the Minisport coaches will have the kids playing all sorts of beach party games. Some of the games will include treasure hunts, water balloon/pistol games, team building, races, sandcastle building and much more! Be sure to bring a towel, a change of clothes, sandals, a hat, suncream, and water.

The children will be grouped by age and there will be four different sessions:

* For children aged 3 to 5, Session 1A is from 2pm to 3:30pm and session 2A is from 4pm to 5:30pm.

* For children aged 6 to 9, Session 1B is from 2pm to 3:30pm and session 2B is from 4pm to 5:30pm.

Tickets can be purchased here and are priced at HK$250 for one child, HK$450 for two children, HK$600 for three children and HK$800 for four children.

Click here to find out more about the fantastic beach day!

What: Get the kids involved in a December beach day. There will be fantastic games for the kids!

When: December 7 from 2pm to 3:30pm and 4pm to 5:30pm!


Beach day, Repulse Bay Beach, Repulse Bay, Hong Kong,

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