Travel may be restricted right now, and while it’s essential to remain safe and healthy, it doesn’t mean you can’t dream about holidays for later in the year. Here, Lightfoot Travel recommends some post-summer stays that are worth considering for calmer times.

With new cases in new destinations being reported daily, and airlines canceling flights, the spread of the novel coronavirus has disrupted the travel industry immeasurably. “In this difficult time it’s important to stay calm, stay safe and keep planning to travel responsibly – whether that means postponing your trips or looking at longer lead-in times for later in the year or for CNY 2021,” says Lucy Jackson, Co-Founder, and Director of Lightfoot Travel who says her company are in hourly communication with government agencies, health authorities and travel contacts on the ground across the world.

She continues, “If you do want to escape during this time, it makes sense to plan with a tour operator, so you have 24-hour access to trustworthy, up to date travel advice and support. For those remaining cautious, keep in mind that this situation will not last forever, and in the meantime, it’s important to keep your travel aspirations alive.” For now, here are a few holiday ideas for when you feel ready.