It is finally happening! An ‘air travel bubble’ is coming between Hong Kong and Singapore, deemed to be the world’s first “two-way” quarantine free flight since March! There will be no compulsory quarantine, and you can travel for any reason between the two countries. Relaxing on Sentosa or wandering the city's gardens will very soon become a reality. The largest restriction will be that every traveler will need to provide negative COVID-19 tests at their own expense. So for those who are keen to pack their bags and take a flight to Singapore, here is what we know so far. 

Editors Note: Unfortunately, the highly-anticipated Hong Kong/Singapore "air travel bubble" has been postponed. A spike in COVID-19 infections in Hong Kong means the arrangement has been postponed for at least two weeks, said Edward Yau, Hong Kong's secretary for commerce and economic development, at a press conference on Nov 21, 2020. Watch this space for more updates.

For traveler information for travelers going from Hong Kong to Singapore - click here for our guide!

When will I be able to fly? This travel bubble will launch on November 22, 2020. Any person who has remained in Singapore or Hong Kong 2 weeks before their departure is eligible. They will need to test negative for COVID-19 once using a PCR test in Singapore and twice in Hong Kong.  Flights by Cathay from Hong Kong to Singapore (SQ891 and CX759 for the Hong Kong-Singapore) and from Singapore to Hong Kong (SQ890 and CX734 for the Singapore-Hong Kong route).  Flights run on set days with daily flights from both cities launching December 7, 2020.  Capacity is limited with 200 per flight in November and 400 per flight from December 7th onwards.

What kind of testing is required for Hong Kong travelers? A polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test must be taken within 72 hours before their departure.  There are designated public and private locations for getting this test done here. Another option is taking the test at one of the community centers with online booking available to HK residents here (non-residents can walk-in). Note to families, kids under 12 do not need to take this test in advance of visiting Singapore. On arrival at Hong Kong airport, all travelers are required to take a second test at the airport and wait around 4 hours for results before boarding.  Booking can be done here.  On arrival in Singapore, travelers do not need to take another test.

How about testing in Singapore before heading boarding to go back home to Hong Kong? If your trip is 72 hours or less, you do not need a second test in Singapore.  If your trip is longer, you are required to get another test in Singapore before your departure.

What can we do in Singapore? Singapore is a fantastic destination for families. Top attractions include Gardens by the Bay, Singapore Zoo, Botanic Gardens, and Universal Studios. Click here for more information. Don’t forget that the world is still in a pandemic, and current restrictions will still apply.