Happy Baton, founded in 2019, is Hong Kong’s first online toy library! It encourages a circular economy for kiddie toys while promoting an eco-conscious way of life. Every month a subscription box of high quality, pre-loved toys arrives at your doorstep in an environmentally friendly linen bag. Your child can enjoy these toys for four weeks, after which you need to schedule a free pickup to ship them back or get the toys renewed. Exactly how an actual library works.

Toy libraries or toy subscription boxes are indeed Godsend for parents – the child gets to play with a variety of toys, yet it’s an eco-friendly solution. The toys are circulated, so there’s no unnecessary hoarding of plastic in our cramped Hong Kong homes. It teaches kids to be responsible and sustainable. You don’t unnecessarily flood the toy bin, and, to top it all, it doesn’t break the bank either. What a time to be alive, isn’t it? 

Happy Baton has a wide range of STEM toys, puzzles, games, toddler-friendly wooden toys, and even ride-ones. Show me a child who doesn’t want to feel schmancy showing-off a new trike, a cool dino-clubhouse push car, or the uber-cool paddy rider each month!

As extra love, Little Steps readers can type the code "play10" for an additional 10% discount.