Kids are born to move and love to explore the world without boundaries. Moody Tiger is a Hong Kong homegrown kid athleisure brand. Their idea is originally from kids’ authentic lifestyle. They provide a year-round wardrobe for kids from 2-12 years old and ensure that they can move freely under any weather condition. Active, comfortable and versatile are the design concepts of Moody Tiger.

Now you can find Moody Tiger’s first concept store at K11 MUSEA, creating a unique family shopping experience. The store combines funny elements with bright-tone decoration, to emphasize their design concept “PLAY ON THE MOVE”. Kids are born to move, so there is a play area at our store to enhance kids’ involvement in shopping and provide a fun and comfy parent-child moment.

The store design concept is based on ConnectMove, and Play:
Connect means interaction between parents and children during shopping. They have carefully applied energetic display design, such as bicycle decoration and hula-hoop-style product display, to represent kids active MovePlay which represents their brand design concept “PLAY ON THE MOVE”, kids, not just physically but mentally, has passionate energy.

The store has also been divided into iconic branding elements named the Moody Zones:

M-one: Mini-me collection (mother & children collection).

O-zone: A swing for little kids, that can let parents shop freely!

O-zone: Spot the seasonal gift in capsule toy vending machine for their tiny customers.

D-zone: Slide, which is connected to changing room, encourages kids to involve more in shopping.

Y-zone: Changing room that transforms kids into superstars, a comfortable changing room in upper floor acts as a stage for modeling.

Happy shopping!