Since its launch in 2016, Farmer's Market has quickly grown into Hong Kong's leading online butcher. We credit this to their authenticity. Like the butchers in days of old, Farmer's Market specializes in premium, fresh, traceable, 100% hormone and antibiotic-free, naturally farmed, happily grass-fed meat. Traceability, customer service, and sustainability are emphasized above all in their approach. The offer includes Australian beef, lamb, pork, chicken, duck, barramundi, prawns, salmon, weekly specials, and more! Oh, and fresh products are fresh, and frozen products are frozen when they get to your kitchen.


Knowing where your meat comes from

Farmer's Market wishes to make families more aware that what they eat matters. They emphasize the importance of knowing your source, where your meat & seafood comes from and how it was raised. Claiming that it is from "Australia" is, unfortunately, not enough these days, and therefore you should know exactly where your produce is from and be confident that your meat has been naturally farmed without hormones and antibiotics. Farmer's market guarantees and deeply cares about the safety of their products and they’re completely transparent with their customers about where and how their meat and seafood was produced.


About the company & owner

Emma Pike is a mother-of-two, an entrepreneur since the age of 15 and an Aussie now living in Singapore, having relocated after spending a few years living in Hong Kong. While living in Hong Kong, she noted the diminishing quality of meat and its increasing prices, and she was inspired to start a business which would solve this problem for consumers. In what would turn out to be a very successful attempt to provide households with opportunities to get restaurant-quality meat for an affordable price, she launched Farmer's Market in Hong Kong in 2016. Since its launch in 2016, Farmer's Market has quickly grown into Hong Kong's leading online butcher and in 2019 Emma opened Farmer’s Market Singapore.

Excellent Customer Service

Farmer’s Market is a small, family-run business that cares about its customers and prioritizes excellent customer service. Emma Pike sources the meat and seafood in her store just as carefully as she sources food for her own family.

Delivery Service

Premium naturally and sustainably farmed meat and seafood home delivered 5 days a week with no minimum order. You can order online Monday-Friday before 12pm for next day delivery. Orders over HK$600 delivered FREE and under HK$600 is only HK$70 for delivery.