growsFresh is an Australian owned and operated group with direct and exclusive relationships with their farmers, fishers, and bakers. They have a simple aim which is "To deliver the highest quality clean food products sourced directly from family-owned farms, businesses, and fisheries to the dining tables of Hong Kong". They are sourcing foods directly from the producers and managing the supply chain to ensure product freshness, quality, and integrity. They are also processing the foods here in Hong Kong to ensure you receive them as fresh as they can be.

For those with babies in the house, growsFresh offers a full range of Bub's Australia Baby Formula, Goat and Cows Milk, & Baby Foods. Bubs Australia has produced the only pure dual Organic Certified Grass Fed Cows Milk baby formula in the market, the highest quality nutrition for your little ones. 

Bub's recipes are developed by nutritionists and chefs to ensure each Bub's product supports the nutritional requirements of your growing baby. With no hidden nasties, Bub's carefully select perfect combinations of ingredients for bubs starting on their food adventure. They believe in wholesome and healthy food.

growsFresh is dedicated to providing Hong kong families with products that are clean, ethically, and sustainably produced the highest quality and fully traceable back to the farm or fishing area from which they are sourced.

You can find the full range of Bub's Australia Baby Formula, Goat and Cows Milk, & Baby Foods here!