Eco-adventure seekers should head to Yuen Long for a walk through the marshes, a play with the mudskippers, and an educational adventure into Hong Kong's stunning wetlands. The entire area is easy for kids of all ages to walk and it's entirely stroller-friendly, making it a fabulous family day out for all aged clans.

The scoop:

*The 61-hectare Hong Kong Wetland Park demonstrates the diversity of the Hong Kong's wetland ecosystem and highlights the need to conserve it. You will find opportunities throughout the park to view protected areas via scopes, and loads of ways to teach the kids about conservation.

*On entry, you will find a very fun outdoor maze. Enter the main visitor building and explore 10,000 square feet of interactive exhibitions. We must say, it's very well done and teaches you about the various aspects of wetlands.

*There is a local cafe where you can grab snacks. If you have picky eaters, plan ahead.

*A highlight for the kids is the indoor swampland playground. Note, there is usually a line, so check this on entry to decide when you want to hit up this area.

*Enter the outdoor area and be sure to say hello to the alligator which was actually found in Hong Kong waters years ago!

*Pick your trail and explore the mangroves, snap shots with butterflies, play peek-a-boo with crabs and mudskippers, and enjoy.

*There is plenty of scooter and bike paths leading up to Wetland Park so if you want to bring the bikes and scooters and pair it up with a bit of exercise, go for it. Just remember, you can't bring the rides inside, so leave the wheels at the information desk at entry. They will hold them for you.