With the long, warm summer ahead of us, the best place to be is…anywhere we can cool off! And wake surfing is an adventurous and exciting sport that will get you cooling down in no time. We can't think of a better way to enjoy the sizzling hot Hong Kong days than trying this awesome sport with Wakesurfing Hong Kong.

Wakesurfing is a water sport that is slightly different from wakeboarding in that surf is used but without the built-in shoes of a traditional wakeboard. Initially, you use a tow rope to stand up, but eventually, you may let go of the rope to simply trail the waves from the boat like a real surfer.

If you want to take on this sport, then Wakesurfing Hong Kong is the perfect place to start. They'll teach beginners how to wake surf, give pros a fun time on the sea, and will guide everyone else in-between. They welcome kids as young as 8 years – making this a fun family day out!

For one hour on the surf, it's HK$1500 – and that will bring you proficient coaches with years of experience under their belt, which will ensure that everyone is safe, learning, and having fun. With safety in mind, they also provide life vests on board. Plus, their two new boats will assure you of the best possible experience.

A convenient location in Tai Tam makes it easy to get there and not waste a minute! After you're done, they'll also provide hot showers so you can freshly move forward with your day!