This summer, sign the kiddos up to the Mulberry House Mandarin Summer Camp. With 8 weeks of exciting themes and activities, they’ll be sure to have fun…

Along with Chinese Art, Dance, STEM projects, weekly outing, each student will dive into new weekly theme including textile & costumes, food & culture, Chinese Opera and Kung Fu, calligraphy, and folktales! With small Mandarin immersion classes of maximum 8 children, your child will get real personal attention from 2 dedicated native teachers and will learn naturally and joyfully.

Allow your child to fast track their Mandarin and love every step of the journey! You can choose the number of weeks you want ta enroll. The Camp is suitable for kids aged 1-12 years old. Check their schedule to see which class to sign them up for.

Mulberry House is also taking primary schoolers to Shanghai and Shenzhen this summer! Along with native Chinese students, kids will acquire not only language and culture but also learn through various subjects and projects such as STEM, Chinese painting, art, and architectural design, urban city and farm planning, etc.